Did you watch the Invictus Games? I got minorly obsessed with them. Every one of the wounded warriors competing had the kind of inspiring back story that makes a sporting event especially exciting to watch.

It's officially summer now (or it will be in a few days), and this summer will bring both the annual CrossFit Games and the Summer Olympics, held this year in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Summer also brings with it this year, as every year, the Must-Have Parenting Games -- and, just like every year, I'm competing. If you're reading this, you're probably competing too. These are exciting games, but no one wants to watch them...

Now's the time for the events we MHPs have spent the off season resting and training up for.

Fortunately, I won't be competing in every event this summer, but here are some of the ones I know I'll be doing:

All Day, Every Day, No Breaks

Going To The Beach Alone With Three Children

Working From Home -- With Kids in My Face

an event goes in tandem with:

Sitting In a Hot Car In My Driveway So I Can Have Quiet Space For Work Calls

Pool Party -- Two Hands, Three Kids

Science Camp Drop Off and Pick Up Is At The Same Time And 20 Miles Away From Gymnastics Camp

Solo Adult On A 500-Mile Road Trip With Children

And, as of this week anyway:

The Air Conditioner In the Playroom Is Broken And The Kids Won't Stay In There

I'm grateful that this year I didn't qualify for this event:

The Must-Do Parent Is Deployed

And especially grateful that I didn't qualify for:

Deployment -- And A Cross-Country PCS

And it remains to be seen who will have to represent MHPs in this one:

Household Head Lice

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