It seems like lately everyone I know is channeling their inner Old McDonald. I see it in their Instagram posts: "Fresh Eggs!!!!!!", "Yummy Kale!!!" and "First heirloom squash of the season!!!!"

These modern farmers are very enthusiastic. The tobacco farmers I grew up knowing would never have posted, "Replaced 10 acres of Burley with Brightleaf!!!!"

And my agri-newbie friends are mostly non-military or former military. Beyond one or two patio planters with herbs and tomatoes, my active military friends generally have to settle for complaining about rotten commissary produce and dreaming of one day living near a Whole Foods again.

(Incidentally, one opens near my house in five days. By the time you read this, I'll be spinning Julie Andrews-style through aisles of quinoa and chard.)

This farming thing, though? It's getting ridiculous.

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