In the nearly 12 years I've been Must-Have Parenting, I've encountered thousands of other MHPs. I've noticed that people in a Must Have/Must Do lifestyle tend to fall into one of two groups:

1. People who can't believe this crazy way to live is really their life.
2. People who think Must-Have Parenting is completely normal.

I like to think of group one as "Farmers" and group two as "Fishermen." And, yes, people can start off in one group and migrate to the other. And, no, you don't have to know anything about farming or fishing to be in either group.

I'm squarely in group one, the Farmers, even though I've never grown more than a few tomatoes. I never expected to be a Must-Have Parent, never wanted to be one, and I don't think it's normal, natural or ideal.

My husband is solidly in group two, the Fishermen. He doesn't think there's anything unusual about our life. At all. He's a Fisherman because this is the lifestyle he grew up seeing in his own family and in the other families around him.

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