That might as well be my mantra.

Because if everyone else loves something and I hate it -- or even if I'm just "meh" -- I assume that my technique must be lacking, that if I tried harder I would get it, and I would love it. So I must be doing it wrong.

Here's what I mean: When I scroll through my social media feed and see people raving about something (you can insert practically anything here -- I've fallen for ALL of them -- diets, workout trends, essential oils, supplements, parenting strategies, career strategies, and on and on and on) -- I give that thing a solid go. I am all in.

After I had my youngest child -- and I mean right after, when I was still in the hospital -- I cinched on this incredibly uncomfortable corset thing over my hips because I'd read that if I wore it after giving birth, when my hips were still adjustable because of a hormone amusingly called relaxin, I could get them back down to their pre-baby size. The catch was (besides it being really unpleasant) I had to do it for eight hours a day for at least six weeks.

And despite having a newborn and two other kids to care for WHILE PCSing AND preparing for my husband to deploy, I did it. I gave up the precious few hours I might have slept comfortably for the promise of smaller hips. And it didn't work. But even as I write this, I'm loathe to say that corset was a scam because my brain is telling me that maybe it really does work, for someone out there.

Maybe (despite following the instructions to the letter) I did it wrong.

And so it goes with other things I see people raving about. One after another, I embrace them because they hold the promise of making me skinnier-happier-smarter-stronger-more rested-more patient-more productive.

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