My son's third birthday party was amazing.

Ah. May. Zing.

We had a bounce house. We had a pony. We had a petting zoo. There was a llama in our yard, people.

I got it into my head that a good mom would handmake the invitations with an adorable stamping and craft paper set I bought. A great mom would handmake goodie bags and thank-you notes too. A spectacular mom would handmake all of that and put together a Martha Stewart-worthy spread of food for all the kids and parents.

I was aiming for spectacular. I was that mom.

And by that, I mean THAT mom. I was that obnoxious mom who generates eye rolls from all the other moms because I was attempting to raise the bar so high that only a pole vaulter could clear it.

Did I mention that my husband was deployed for all of this planning and stamping? He came home just days before the party -- so I was also that Army wife who forced her fresh-home-from-combat husband into an awkward and stressful social situation. Go me.

But it really was a great party ... so great that my son is 11 now and we haven't had a home party for him or either of his younger sisters ever since. Home parties are stressful, y'all. I get flashbacks just thinking about hosting one.

It's bound to happen if you're an MHP. These kids of yours will have birthdays every year, and one of these years, you'll be the only parent home to plan and execute the celebration.

If you don't want that twitchy eye thing that plagued me for weeks after I'd cleaned the last pile of llama poop from our yard, here are six things to consider:

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