It seems like Josh Levs and I would disagree.

Levs, a CNN journalist and an author, is an outspoken proponent of increasing the opportunities fathers have to be home with their children, particularly during a baby's first weeks of life. His book is called "All In: How Our Work-First Culture Fails Dads." He writes and speaks extensively about how important it is for both parents -- but fathers in particular -- to spend time with children.

I, on the other hand, write a column to help parents when one of them (predominantly the father) has a job that prevents him from being home.

Levs wrote his book after requesting, and being denied, extended paid parental leave following the birth of his son. His company allotted biological fathers just two weeks of paid leave, but granted biological mothers -- and people who became parents through adoption or surrogacy -- 10 weeks of paid leave. Levs noted the discrepancy, challenged it, and went all in on the research, a process that produced a great book.

(That's right. I said "great." Spoiler alert: Josh Levs and I agree much more than we disagree. There's even a whole chapter in his book devoted to military dads.)

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